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What Does The Tierra de Suenos Wellness Center Offer?

At the TDS Wellness Center we begin to return the body to its natural state through the removal of underlying causes of disease which are typically nutrient deficiencies, toxicity, emotional disturbances and stress. Although it is more difficult once chemical intervention has occurred, every type of disease benefits from the removal of its chief causes. Visit www.tierradesuenoswellness.com for more information.

How Does the TDS Wellness Center Work?

The TDS Wellness Center 4 Prinicples

Load, Detox, Hydrate, Heal


Load- We load the body with large amounts of organic phytonutrients everyday, all day. This can be taken as a juice or meal but it is always raw and of the highest standard of organic produce. By consuming this mass amount of vegetables the body's oxygen levels will increase exponentially.  Oxygen lost in the blood contributes to the creation of many degenrative dicease.




Detox-If we do not detox our bodies, the liver and kidneys will have a very hard time in the fight against degenerative disease and can often result in an increased burden on the entire body. By detoxing we are increasing the bodies ability to eliminate and excrete very dangerous toxins and pro-carcinogen's from the body. Our daily detoxification practise will eliminate waste from the bowels and blood, cleanse and repair the liver and kidneys, boost one's immune system and will start to bring the body's hormone levels back to a high state of functioning.




Hydrate-Without proper hydration the body's cells will slowly become toxic and may eventually fail. The HHN offers extreme hydration throughout the day through its raw, organic juices, fresh coconut water and local spring water intake.  The fresh coconut water prevalent in Costa Rica is an exact match of our blood's plasma which allows for a complete blood transfusion to occur when matched with chlorophyll-rich green juice.  By hydrating we are purifying the blood which will reduce the stress on  the heart, brain, liver and kidney's.  The hydration will also replenish and repair the delicate polarity within the cells and charge the entire electrical grid of our bodies.




Heal-Once you have started your internal cleanse to begin the we need to start to the heal and balance all systems of our mind, body an spirit.  Each client will be introduced to movement based regimes to stimulate their blood circulation, improve muscle strength and overall state of mind.  Cleints will also have the option to have coaching throughout ther stay.





Is TDS Wellness Center right for you?

Is The TDS Wellness Center Therapy Right for You?


When faced with the often time shock and fear of a diagnosis of chronic illness, it is very important to understand the underlying causes of such an illness and to choose a facility which will enhance your life force and bring your body back into a state of balance or flow by addressing such causes.

We recognize that each person faced with a diagnoses of a chronic illness is usually in the trusted hands of their doctor. In most cases your GP will follow the conventional treatment plans and may not even have knowledge of holistic options and in some cases this lack of knowledge leads to a denial that efficacious alternatives exist.

The most important decision of your life should be made by you in complete harmony with your emotional guidance system devoid of fear and in complete confidence that the body is capable of returning to a state of complete balance under the proper conditions. No matter how many options and opinions you have been given, the final decision rests with you. When you make your decision you should feel confident and comfortable that your path will enable you to return your body to a  natural state of balance within the current confounds of nature,
without pain and chemical intervention.

The Tierra de Suenos Wellness Center does not just manage the symptoms of the illness but its professionals will locate the underlying nutritional and toxicological stressors and will begin to focus on regaining health, not treating disease. Many conventional therapies will only treat illness without researching and locating the reason one's body was allowed to manifest disease in the first place.


We believe strongly at the TDS Wellness Center that with any therapy plan you must determine the cause before you can apply a "successful" plan that will have an immediate and long term effect on the body.

Top Reasons to Choose TDS Wellness


1. Our Location: In the serene Jungle of Costa Rica amidst monkeys, humming birds, sloths and frogs and across from the warm waters of the Caribbean Ocean.

2. Our Team: Of professionals whose knowledge and expertise on herbs,detoxification and live nutrition will empower and transform your body, mind and spirit.

3. Our Tools: By using the most advanced knowledge on health and wellness, we teach our guests how to live in harmony with nature and oneself so that disease can't possibly exist.





How do I find out More?

Would Like to start the TDS Wellness Center healing progess?

                                                                   If you have read this information and feel this could be a treatment option, we are here to help you in making your decison.

Please contact us by our live chat, email, direct call or fill in our content form below.  Our knowledgable and supportive staff are here to listen and answer all of your questions.

We look forward to beginning your journey to healing!


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