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Acupunturist & Physical Therapist

Victoria was born in a palm tree oasis in the Mediterranean Sea of spain. She studied Physiotherapy in the University of Alicante and spent time traveling to India after her studies.

While in India, she learned different kinds of Hindu therapies and philosophies like Ayurveda or Shantala Massage. Before arriving in Costa Rica, Victoria spent 6 months working as a volunteer with disabled children. She's dived deeply into a path of energetic healing since coming to Costa Rica, where she met an extraordinary Chiropractic doctor working with multidimensional healing.

A session with Victoria will include an array of the lineages she's studied, from Acupuncture, to massage to Emotional Freedom Technique and Neurolinguistic programming, or Reiki. She will use the tool that will help you find healing. 

 Acunputure offers Relief and Healing for


Chronic pain . Insomnia . Migranes . Arthritis . Lower Back Pain . Sciatica . Stress . Obesity . Sinus Problems . Chronic Fatigue Syndrome . Anxiety . Depression . PMS . IBS . Injuries and so much more...
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