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Class Descriptions

Tierra Yoga is made up of versatile instructors who bring experience from various fields of knowledge – yoga, meditation, dance, massage therapy and other healing arts. Our studio offers daily yoga classes, morning and evening with committed teachers. Look for our certified teacher training programs, retreats and workshops.


Come enjoy yoga with us in the heart of the jungle and let the sights and sounds of nature move with you and let us share together the wonderful practice of Yoga.


Sirvananda Yoga-With Pio

A traditional form of Hatha yoga that is designed to promote physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.  A typical class includes pranayama, or breath control, and is slow paced to allow for full exploration of each pose

Rainforest Flow Yoga

Gentle physical movements build to a yoga flow that challenges balance and core.   Students are encouraged to explore limits and push their practices to the edge. Drawing from lineages such as Viniyoga, Anusara, Kundalini, and Vinyasa, these classes will expose you to the healing use of mantra, meditation, and repetitive movement 


Integral Yoga-With Mariska

Integral Yoga integrates all yoga styles. By doing asanas, pranayamas and meditations you become aware of the present moment and your true self.


Pre-Natal Yoga-With Mariska

Pre Natal Yoga prepares mothers-to-be for a smooth birth. Physical and breathing exercises give you the ability to relax body and mind.



Kundalini Yoga-with Yogi Casino

These classes combine use of Mantra, or chanting, and Mudra, or yoga hand gestures with Kriyas – set series of movements designed to elicit a specific response.  Strong elements of Kundalini Yoga are combined with techniques from Hatha Yoga and Meditation to activate your natural chakra energy and remove blockages of stale prana and old emotions.  This is an excellent option for those wishing to explore meditation or those going through transition. 



Unity Yoga - With Michelle

The core muscles work as stabilizers for the entire body and help the body function to work more effectively. In this class we focus on your core muscles and your balance. With help from our own body weight we will do exercises standing, sitting and lying down. All levels are welcome.




Core Power- With Mariella Larsson 

The core muscles work as stabilizers for the entire body and help the body function to work more effectively. In this class we focus on your core muscles and your balance. With help from our own body weight we will do exercises standing, sitting and lying down. All levels are welcom

NatUrAl Flow Yoga- With Nathan

Natural flow yoga is a sweat inducing, soul liberating, vibration enhancing, clearing, centering, activating, consciousness flowering energy movement experience that integrates intuitive dance and traditional yoga with soul-centered music to help align all beings with infinite and everlasting elation, peace, joy, happiness, and pure radiant love. Come join!!

FREE Fridays- Vagabond Yoga

Join Yoga teachers form the area and from all over the world in an amazing community yoga class! If you are in town and would like to teach Friday night is the night!! Drop in so we can add you to our schedule.