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Greg Demato-Ph.D




Gregory Damato PH.D

Dr. Greg Damato received a BA in Psychology from Coastal Carolina in SC; a Msc in Psychology and Exercise Science at Springfield College in MA; a research doctorate (PhD) from The University of Western Australia and a Graduate Diploma in Science from The University of Western Australia. He has worked with the most advanced energetic medicine device (The SCIO) for the past 8 years and specializes in chronic, degenerative diseases. Through the utilization of knowledge on detoxification, amazonian herbalism, live food nutrition, psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics and spirituality, he believes we are able to obtain a natural balance or flow of energy (chi) in the body when we remove our unique stressors which cause disease.

Dr. Damato has worked for 6 years at The Vivacious Living Centre in Australia and is now working in Costa Rica with various clients ranging from adults with lymphoma and Alzheimer's to children with vaccine injuries and neurological issues. He brings his experience, knowledge, expertise and dedication to all of his clients and looks forward to providing each new client the opportunity for a healthy, pain free and passionate living!