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Dr. Kevin Fleming of Grey Matters International Inc.

Where the Exotic Meets The Miraculous: Brain Changing Services for Your Retreat Experience

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If so, we are offering the inclusion of change agent and neuroscience expert Dr. Kevin Fleming to Tierra de Yoga for all your personal transformation needs. The neuroscience-based tools he uses has helped many people get "unstuck" and regenerate new neural networks to create shifts in mood, thinking and overall health that is unprecedented. Check out these personal stories:


"I came Kevin in the summer of 2009 looking for help with stress and its effect on my life. I, like most other executives, was dealing with unimaginable business scenarios. I had newly born twins and a lot of people looking to me for answers. Kevin was great in helping me identify what I could do differently in my life, both professionally and personally. As much help as this was I was still suffering the ill effects of sleep depravation brought on by stress and sleepless nights. My stress was keeping me from truly getting restful sleep or keeping me up while my mind raced with problems and solutions....Kevin then introduced some cutting edge brain retraining technology and amazingly my sleep started improving every night. Being well rested has changed my quality of life, my stress management and productivity immensely. Kevin's role in this process was indispensable..... I can not recommend Kevin too highly; it is not an understatement to say that he embodies tools that are a revolutionary way to improve ones life."

W. Parker Lee
CEO, The Stratford Group

Praise for Dr. Fleming's Brain Optimizing Technology

I am enjoying the following changes in my state of mind as a result of Dr. Fleming's methodologies:

      * Centeredness
      * Focus
      * Calm
      * Reflectiveness 

I find myself considering the multiple facets of a problem and the   consequences of different responses rather than simply reacting.While the desire to drink alcohol continues to arise from time to time, the   intensity is muted. Likewise, the accompanying sense of frustration and   anxiety which formerly haunted me has virtually dissipated. It is   liberating to not scrape through each day with the brain-grit   accompanying a low grade   hangover. My productivity at work is steadily increasing as   a I define and attack tasks from a more balanced perspective; I am   knocking off tasks which I avoided in the past.


 I view my life and each day with anticipation and purpose.


Steven Jones
Software Quality Engineer

  "I wanted to thank you again for helping me overcome my restless leg problem. I have tried everything imaginable and nothing worked until I tried Grey Matters. It has been about 6 months and I still do not have any problems with my feet or legs. I'm glad I researched the different Neuroscience options since they are not all created equal. I would highly recommend Grey Matters. Thanks again for letting me sleep at night. I feel great."


Norm Farrar,
Owner, Hawaii Island Recovery,
CEO, Flatworld Network


 "My experience with Dr. Kevin Fleming exceeded all of my expectations. I went into this process hoping to recover from some re-occurring obsessive behavior in my life and serious loss in confidence and self esteem. After 4 days of work with Dr. Fleming I left beautiful Jackson Hole Wyoming with a clear and focused mind. I was completely relieved of my anxieties. It's been 2 months since my engagement w/him and I have completely regained happiness and confidence and power in my life. This was an incredible experience and I would recommend this to anyone feeling trapped in there own mind."

Kristen Vander Hoeven
Fashion Model

Dr. Fleming has helped many conditions ---from past trauma, to chronic pain, to addictions to mood impairments---with a client-reported success rate of over 85 percent. Now, you can customize your getaway strategically, engaging in a process that can optimize your brain's functioning for the better. Benefits of this include:


Warding off harmful effects to stress the brain

Curbing compulsive habits

Lifting heaviness around mood problems

Calming anxiety

Boosting neuroplastic growth in the brain

See what Dr. Kevin Fleming has to say!


If your goal in getting away isn't just individual based, he also offers strategic guidance and coaching for that relationship that may want to 'get better" while away:


Fees are based on each individual situation and need and can be customized upon consulting with Dr. Fleming. For more information contact info@tierradeyoga.com