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Treating Chronic Illness & Disease

The Tierra de Suenos Wellness Center (TDS) is located at Tierra de Suenos Lodge in a serene and lush jungle hideway on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Our powerful evidence-based programs have been carefully designed to facilitate in each client's inward journey towards optimal functioning and health through the symbiotic balance of mind, body and spirit. It is our true belief that when balance exists, disease cannot.
TDS wellness offers our clients a safe and supportive environment with our team of experienced professionals guiding and teaching individuals the time-honoured techniques to living a healthy, prosperous life. TheTDS therapy is based on the body's innate and powerful ability to heal itself when its impediments are removed. If our lifestyle and environment are able to cause our pains and ailments, it's only logical that when we change these variables our body is able to self-heal.
Our therapy is powerful in its intention, action and results. By activating the body's extraordinary ability to self-heal through a daily regime of enhancing the body's life force via live food nutrition, fasting, detoxification, supplementation with potent Amazonian herbs, reiki, yoga and psychological skills training, the body will no longer be able to produce the toxins that contribute to the creation of illness and the body will be restored to its natural high functioning state. The body's vastly improved systems are able to regenerate and thrive while improving daily without unnatural side effects. All chronic degenerative disease will no longer have a reason or ability to exist in this newly created alkaline, oxygenated and nutrient-dense space.
Why Choose TDS Wellness Center?
The TDS Wellness Center progressive therapy is not the only reason clients are coming from all over the world to rejuvenate their bodies. Located in Playa Chiquita, Costa Rica, the TDS Wellness Center  is able to produce, grind and package all of their organic vegetables, cocoa, coconuts, natural herb supplements and more. During the process of returning the body to a natural state of equilibrium, it is imperative that your system be toxin free. With TDS Wellness Center's organic productivity we are able to guarantee the highest level of detoxification, rejuvenation to help in the fight to heal the body.

For More Information visit our wellness site www.tierradesuenoswellness.com