Tierra de YOGA

Positively Energizing...

Meet our amazing of Instructors at Tierra de YOGA

Pio - Yoga Instructor


Pio is a world tra veller, carpenter, sculptor, Yoga student and teacher. He obtained his certificates as Yoga teacher and advanced Yoga teacher at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashrams. Overall he has been involved with Yoga and Swami Sivananda's teachings since 1990. He also served as staff at the French Sivananda Ashram as teacher, cook, carpenter and sculptor.

​His latest travel venture saw him cross Europe and the middle east by bicycle. He rode from his home in northern Italy to The Sivananda Ashran in Neyyardam, Kerala, the south point of India. He has since written a book on this inspiring journey which saw him through Italy, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and India.

Pio's teachings are soothing, infused with his experiences and in perfect Sivananda style. He now resides in Costa Rica where he is happy to be one with nature.

Michelle Lemire - Yoga Instructor


is a Yoga Alliance certified teacher, trained specifically in Unified Yoga. Unified Yoga draws its inspiration from a variety of yoga styles and philosophies with the intention of helping each student find his or her interpretation of yoga. Michelle is also the owner of th amazing ZION Cafe just down the road form Tierra de YOGA Boutique and Tea house.  The best beach breakfast in Puerto Verjo!!

Dave-Massage Therapist

Where does energy stick in your body? Where is your self expression blocked? What areas in your life would you like to expand? What abilities would you like to have activated?

We all have places in our bodies where memories and trauma are stored. We all have places where the natural flow and creativity of our self expression is constricted or blocked. We'd like to be free and expansive. We would like to be energetic and joyful. We'd like to experience love and abundance. And sometimes we just can't let go as much as we would like. Or sometimes we simply get in our own way. Uncover and release these physical and emotional blocks. Tap into your body's wisdom.
This is a massage and journey of discovery that increases your power and presence.


Mariska-Integral & Pre-Natal Yoga

‘Yoga can change your life dramatically’, Mariska’s teacher said when she started a beginners course Integral Yoga in the Netherlands in 2005. He was right. Within half a year she met the man of her life and got a dream job. Yoga helped her to let go of thinking patterns that were blocking her life. Suddenly she had a clear view on herself and the world. Before soon she started the teachers training Integral Yoga and discovered that passing the blessing of yoga on to others helped her on her spiritual path.


Integral Yoga integrates all yoga styles. Classes are very diverse, with static yoga postures but also flowing series of asanas. Breathing exercises and meditations let your whole being benefit. Mariska: ‘It’s also about integrating awareness in your daily life, not just only on your yoga mat.’ She also gives Pre Natal Yoga, which prepares mothers-to-be for a smooth birth and helps them to relax body and mind. And Kids Yoga, which encourages the self-esteem, creativity and body awareness of children.