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The Tierra Team

Tierra De YOGA is headed by Monica Tranter and her team of dedicated instructors and facilitators. Tierra de YOGA is priviledged to be located in beautiful Costa Rica where many amazing yoga instructors come to practice and teach while they stay. This allows us to constantly have a wide variety of styles, influences and practices to offer our students.

​Kate MacKenzie

Yoga Instructor and GM



Monica Tranter


Dancer, choreographer, devotee to heath & fitness, author and 2nd generation Pilates Master Instructor, Monica Tranter is one of our leading inspirations and innovator of the leading fitness regime the Pilates Method & Dance Movement Therapy. Monica brings Pilates & dance to the masses, her educational seminars, master teachings, certification programs, motivational retreats and customized manuals, wake up with Mona,  Monavational, Tranter Pilates, revolutionized the fitness community, paving the way for the current wave of enthusiasm for Pilates mind-body-soul exercise.

Monica’s dance and fitness background is as rich and unique as the passion that forms the foundation of her amazing series. Monica has enjoyed the benefits of Pilates for most of her adult life. She first discovered its timeless principles at age 21 in working with Lawrence Hayward, Pilates first student, teacher and now Pilates elder.

She went on to study with Lawrence Hayward as her master instructor and spent 8 years with Moira Merithew of Stott, Sagerio, Vivian Nichols and a variety of highly recognized teachers of the Pilates method. With her background as a professional dancer, performer, therapist and Pilates devotee, she brings an energetic and progressive, yet traditional perspective to her Pilates Method teaching. Her teaching re-educates and empowers bodies and minds in keeping with the original method that led Joseph Pilates to create his system. Monica Tranter holds a Master Certification through the original Pilates Studio under the guidance of Lawrence Hayward and is one of a privileged few 2nd generation Pilates Master Teachers in Canada. She has practiced Pilates since 1992 and has been teaching and inspiring thousands with her unique approach to Pilates and corrective Movement ever since.

Monica believes that through proper movement, mental awareness and the connect between the two we can help relieve stress, help prevent injuries, maintain good health and stay balanced.

 Kate is full of life and thrilled to be a part or the Tierra team. Having found yoga over 10 years ago Kate has been a devotee and is now yoga alliance 200 hour certified instructor.


As our GM, travelling from Canada to Costa Rica is one of her favorite things to do. Yoga and healthy living is her passion and with her strong commitment, vision and dedication only the highest results are attained. Her marketing knowledge and know how helps lead TDSW to its successful presence world wide, in the community and online.

Kate is a practicing vegan and yogi which helps her stay true to herself and to provide an authentic commitment to every client she is working with.  As the friendly voice of Tierra Kate will make sure your stay is as memorable as possible!


The team



Tierra is staffed with an amazing team of local Costa Rican gardeners, chefs, cleaning crew, tour guides, therapists and more.  They are here to take care of your space so you have the best possible stay at Tierra de YOGA.