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July 24th to August 12th, 2016

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One of the most important steps in taking a yoga teacher training program is to choose the right location and finding “pure space” to learn. The hustle and bustle of the city and fast paced daily life can distract you from your learning potential and sometimes cause unwanted stress. At Tierra de Yoga we teach in an enviornment that is free from city distractions and noise. Our students learn in a peaceful enviornment in the heart of jungle where only the sounds of nature are present. This natural enviornment is fundamental in learning the sacred practice of Yoga and incorporating these elements in your own teaching practice once you have completed your training and are off to start your own Yoga practice. Get started on your path and live your potential!
























What type of yoga is Offered at Tierra de Yoga?

Tierra de Yoga offers Hatha yoga 200 hour certfication. The term Hatha refers to the alignment of movement and breath, a method which turns static asanas into dynamic flow. This method will empower your mind and strengthen your body all while incoporating the spirit and teaching you to be at one with you and the universe.



What are the benefits of practicing and teaching Yoga?

Tierra de Yoga students and teachers discover new opportunities to live their life to their fullest potential. They discover compassion, creativity, confidence, and ignite there deep passion for thier body, mind and soul. Many students have eliminated depression, anxiety and lost weight. Each student leaves with a new skill set and is now ready to teach yoga and make a life for themselves in what sparks them and moves them. Students discover inner peace and have met other passionate people to develop relationships and long time partners in the practice of yoga.

Are there any pre-requisites?

The most important pre-requisite a student needs to attend our teacher training is a passion and level of commitment to want to immerse into yoga as a way of life. However, A history of 5 months yoga practice is reccommended so that you can get the most of your training. There are exceptions to this including: sufficient past physical training (dance, running, gymnastics, pilates, etc...) Our teacher trainings are more about personal transformation then they are about status and level of practice. If you are truly passionate about yoga and are ready to commit to doing the work, then you are ready for our teacher training.

What’s covered in the teacher training curriculum and what are the classes like?

The Tierra de YOGA Teacher Trainings contain one of the most effective and practical training methods available. The trainings have been offered for over 10 years and continually evolve to meet the demands of today’s students. The Teacher Training program will allow you to access your full potential through asana, meditation, practice teaching, and self inquiry. The focus of the training is to produce confident, safe, powerful, and natural teachers. The curriculum includes detailed study of Power Vinyasa Yoga including:

Remember a great teacher comes with teaching experience. So be patient on your journey and always continue to grow as a teacher and yogi.

What does the 200 hour teacher training give me?

You are now a certfied Instructor and you can begin teaching right after you complete your 200hr training. However, it is important that you understand that your certificate is from Tierra de Yoga, not the Yoga Alliance. Once you complete your 200hr training with us, you will be certified to teach and can begin immediately. These hours will be honoured by the Yoga alliance.



Mariska Van Wijngaarden

YOUR 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Leader


'Yoga can change your life dramatically’, Mariska’s teacher said when she started a beginners course Integral Yoga in the Netherlands in 2005. He was right. Yoga helped her to let go of thinking patterns that were blocking her life. Suddenly she had a clear view on herself and the world. Before soon she started the teacher training Integral Yoga and discovered that passing the blessing of yoga on to others helped her on her spiritual path.


After finishing the 1.5 year training Mariska teached for five years at Villa Yoga in Rotterdam. Next to regular classes she also had a weekly pre-natal yoga class. In 2012 she moved to Costa Rica to pursue her dream: building a yoga retreat at one of the country’s most beautiful beaches. She currently teaches at various studios in the area of Puerto Viejo and also gives private yoga classes and Thai yoga massages.


Mariska is delighted t be able to train new yoga students who are coming to buetaiful Costa Rica for an intensive, authentic yoga teacher traning, dedicated to learning, wellness and finding the inner peace as yoga is intended to do.



Registration Information

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We look forward to the beginning of your Yoga journey with Tierra de YOGA


Course Title: Yoga Level 1-200hr Teacher Training

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